About Us - Lake Crystal Natural Lake Salt - Lake Salt is harvested from a pristine 5 million year old salt lake in remote Western Australia

About Lake Crystal

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Lake Crystal  is a privately owned and operated brand, dedicated to sourcing and developing only the finest, pure and natural food products that this unique, incredibly bountiful and diverse part of the world has to offer.

Our "flagship" product, Lake Crystal natural lake salt is available in Europe; Asia; the USA and nationwide in Australia.

For more information about our products contact our distributors or email enquiries to : enquiries@manassen.com.au  

"I  have been using Lake Crystal and love it" Ellen, Bethesda, Maryland USA

"I love the salt  - I've been buying it for about 18 months, it's the best one I've found so far" Lucinda, 3070

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Manassen Foods Australia
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Manassen Foods Australia
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