Natural Lake Salt - Products - Lake Crystal Natural Lake Salt - Lake Salt is harvested from a pristine 5 million year old salt lake in remote Western Australia

Natural Lake Salt - Products

Retail products

For the food enthusiast, discerning cook and health conscious consumer. Probably the most pure and natural salt in the world.....
As a natural fine food product, Lake Crystal natural lake salt is the ideal ingredient for everyday use in the kitchen and at the table.
Available in 250g pouches containing either "fine" or "coarse" salt crystals that...

Can be ground or crushed with other ingredients

Blends easily in emulsions such as vinaigrette or mayonnaise

Is perfect as a garnish to many dishes, salads or tapas

Can be used in a mill or grinder for finer salt crystals

   And now available, our "Twist & Grind" 100g refillable grinder - conveniently produced for use at the table; in the kitchen; away from the home...outdoors; alfresco dining; picnics and holidays!

"The salt is lovely in homemade spaghetti sauce" Louise, 3158

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Foodservice products

 Lake Crystal's foodservice product is used by several of the worlds fine food restaurants; bakeries & food manufacturers.

.........and has been developed to provide professionals with a superior product in a size and format that they want.
   Available in either "fine" or "coarse" salt crystals, the foodservice products come in 3 kg bags in outer cartons; 15-25kg bags to 500kg-1tonne bulker bags - to suit the needs of ALL of our customers...Chefs; Restaurants & Hotels; Catering Companies and major food manufacturers.



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