Testimonials - Lake Crystal Natural Lake Salt - Lake Salt is harvested from a pristine 5 million year old salt lake in remote Western Australia

Chefs Using Lake Crystal

Phillip Howard, The Square, London www.squarerestaurant.com
“Quite frankly I have no desire to use any other salt than Lake Crystal”

Tony Howell, Cape Lodge, Yallingup www.capelodge.com.au
“Lake Crystal natural lake salt is exceptional and so compatible with any food product”

Darren Simpson, La Sala, Sydney www.lasala.com.au
“Seasoning is an important part of cooking because it enhances taste and flavour. I especially love Lake Crystal because of its purity and because it’s organic. It’s a fantastically clean product, it maximises flavour and will enhance any dish. I use it at home and at La Sala.  It’s the business!”

Nhut Huynh, RQ restaurant & Bar, Sydney www.rqfood.com.au
“I use Lake Crystal because of its superior texture and distinctive flavour. It is perfect for my modern Asian dishes such as my shredded chicken salad with coriander. Lake crystal adds texture and flavour as part of the classic south-east Asian “sweet and salt” balance I strive for in my food.”

Customers Using Lake Crystal

Judith Harvey, NSW
"I am glad I found your site. I have been using sea salt but fear that it is polluted. I am glad to find a product that is pure and unpolluted with mercury and other nasties that are in our oceans today."
Jemima Callinan, SA
"I just wanted to say thank you for bringing such an important product out in the shops in SA. I have so many allergies that I find that I can't eat anything with artifical colours, flavour and preservatives in it. This salt has been a God send to me, I love it!"

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